Facebook Avatars Are Now Available In The United States

Facebook added new customization options like new hair styles and costumes.
                                                Facebook avatars that you can use as stickers for your Stories, and to respond to comments within the feed and on Messenger, came to the United States. “Many of our interactions these days are carried out online, so it’s more important that you never be able to express yourself personally on Facebook, “wrote Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook application on his personal account, who noted that avatars allow people to express a greater variety of emotions.
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These avatars, which closely resemble the Snapchat Bitmoji, can be customized to represent “your unique and authentic personality.” Along with its arrival in the US, Facebook also announced the integration of new customization options, such as new hairstyles, complexions and wardrobes. To create your avatar on Facebook, you have to click on the option to create a comment, then click on the happy face button, select the option on stickers and click on “Create your Avatar”. The Facebook avatars were launched in 2019 in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, some European countries and Canada. We asked the company when they will be available in Latin American countries but we have not received a response. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the social network has launched new functions and services, such as the new heart-hugging emoji and the Messenger Rooms video conferencing function, in order to offer new options that allow users of the platform to be connected with loved ones.
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