Facebook Bans Ads For Gun Accessories And Protective Gear In The US | WABNEWS

Facebook Inc said over the weekend that it will ban ads for accessories for weapons and protective equipment in the United States, at least until two days after the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden, next Wednesday, January 20. Following the attack by supporters of President Donald Trump on the US Capitol on January 6, the social media company said it will now ban ads for accessories such as gun cases, vests and holsters in the country. “We already ban advertisements for weapons, ammunition and weapon products such as silencers. But now we will also ban advertisements for accessories,” Facebook said on its blog. US Capitals on Alert for Armed Pro-Trump Protests More than a dozen states have activated National Guard troops to help secure their buildings that are home to each local Capitol, following an FBI warning of protests armed, by right-wing extremists emboldened by the deadly siege of the Capitol in Washington on January 6. Three US senators sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday asking him to permanently block advertisements for products that are clearly designed to be used in armed combat. The senators, all Democrats, said the company must take this and other steps “to hold itself accountable for how America’s domestic enemies have used the company’s products and its platform to further their illicit goals.” On Friday, Facebook blocked the creation of any new Facebook events in close proximity to places like the White House and the Capitol in Washington, as well as government buildings in the states, until January 20. The FBI has warned of protests by armed groups planned for Washington and the capitals of all 50 states prior to Biden’s inauguration.




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