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Facebook Bans The Voice Of Donald Trump On Its Platform | News

The voice of Donald Trump may not appear in any publication of the social network Facebook, not even those that do not belong to the American tycoon, as revealed this Thursday by the journalist and daughter-in-law of the businessman, Lara Trump.


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The commentator caused the new blockade of Facebook after publishing from her profile the announcement of an upcoming interview with the former US president. Shortly after, he received an email in which the social network announced: “any other content published with the voice of Donald Trump will be removed.”

Along with a screenshot of the message, Lara Trump commented “And here we are one step away from Orwell’s 1984!”, Comparing Facebook’s limitation to the control mechanisms described in a famous novel about totalitarian surveillance.

This new step in the veto of the former US president’s ability to influence follows the trend of large social networks to limit his communicative reach after the violent events of January 6, when Trump’s supremacist supporters stormed the capitol leaving a balance of five people dead.

This event later caused the second impeachment process against Donald Trump who, moments before the assault, had delivered a speech that instigated his followers to violence. After the event, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat and the network itself directed by Mark Zuckerberg blocked all the businessman’s accounts.

“The risks of allowing the president to continue using our service during this period are simply too great,” Zuckerberg said at the time, to argue for the decision.

On March 22, Donald Trump announced in an interview with an American journalist that he would create his own social network, but did not offer details about it.


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