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As the verdict nears the trial of Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, a black man, the tech company Facebook announced that it will take steps to combat incitement to violence. The company, which also owns Instagram, posted an announcement Tuesday that it will remove any content that calls for “guns” in the Minneapolis area, as well as posts that celebrate or mock Floyd’s death. “Our teams are working tirelessly to look for potential threats on and off Facebook and Instagram so that we can protect peaceful protest and limit content that may lead to violence or unrest,” the company wrote in a statement. Facebook also assured that due to the “risk of violence” after a verdict is announced, they are working with local, federal and state law enforcement agencies. Final arguments in the trial of Chauvin, who is white, concluded on Monday and the jury deliberation period began. Hundreds of members of the National Guard were fired in the northern city. Last year, a video of Floyd’s death sparked a series of nationwide protests, calling for police reform and against racism. Former Officer Chauvin Will Not Testify in His Defense of George Floyd’s Death The judge in the case heard former police officer Derek Chauvin say that he concluded that he will not testify in his defense of George Foyd’s death last May. The judge also prohibited any discussion of the carbon monoxide level in Floyd’s blood. The verdict in Chauvin’s trial – which has been televised and followed by millions of Americans – is seen by the country as a milestone in the social movement against police violence. Minneapolis has also been embroiled in protests during the trial after city police were implicated in the death of a 20-year-old, Daunte Writght, earlier this month. Facebook has been in the public eye for its handling of misinformation during the last election period and during the assault on the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has testified several times in front of Congress, where lawmakers have accused him of not doing enough to prevent incitement to violence and ideological extremism on digital platforms. Connect with the WABNEWS! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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