Facebook Pays US $ 550 Million To Resolve Demand For Facial Recognition

Facebook will pay $ 550 million to several Illinois users who sued him for alleged violations of facial recognition privacy laws.
                                                    Angela Lang / CNET
                                                Facebook will create a $ 550 million fund for Illinois users who filed a lawsuit against the social network for their bad privacy practices, the Edelson PC law firm said Wednesday, January 29. The agreement came after Facebook was sued for collecting facial recognition data to use in photo tagging, which allegedly violated the Illinois biometric information privacy law. Facebook launched a feature last year with which When you tag someone in a photo, a link to your profile is created. Facebook photo tag suggestions come from the collection of facial recognition data from other photos.

"Biometrics is one of the two main battlegrounds, along with geolocation, which will define our privacy rights for the next generation," said Jay Edelson, a lawyer at Edelson PC, in a statement sent via email. It has been ongoing since 2015, and the agreement has not yet been approved by the responsible judge. Illinois is the only state that currently has biometric privacy laws that allow people to sue for damages if their rights are violated. Facebook ensures in a statement sent via email that the payment of this amount to the plaintiffs to end the Litigation "is the best for both our community and our shareholders."

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