Facebook Receives An Appeal From a “user” In The Trump Veto Case | WABNEWS

Facebook Inc.’s oversight board received a “statement from a user” in the case in which it is deciding whether the social media company was right to suspend indefinitely the Facebook and Instagram accounts of former President Donald Trump, it confirmed Tuesday. a spokeswoman for the board. Facebook turned the case over to its independent board in January after it blocked Trump’s access to his accounts over concerns of further violent unrest following the assault on Capitol Hill by supporters of the former president. The board gave the administrators of Trump’s account the option to submit a statement appealing Facebook’s decision. The spokeswoman said the board would not comment further until it issued a decision. Facebook does not plan to lift Trump’s ban The Facebook executive said the company was on the lookout for other possible armed protests that are being planned for Washington, DC and in all 50 US state capitals in the run-up to the president’s inauguration. elected Joe Biden on January 20, the FBI has warned. The appeal was first reported by the British channel Channel 4 News. Earlier this month, the supervisory board said it was extending the public comment period on the case by one week, citing “high levels of interest.” The oversight board spokeswoman said the board had actually received more than 9,000 comments on the Trump case, the highest number of comments received by the board to date. Several academics and civil rights activists have publicly shared their letters urging the board to permanently veto Trump. Republican lawmakers have criticized the ban and demanded that Trump’s accounts be restored.




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