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Facebook Says Fixed Data Breach For 533 Million Users In 2019 | Voice Of America

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday that a recently reported data breach potentially affecting 530 million users was due to misuse of a feature in 2019 and that the company had plugged the hole after identifying the problem at the time, the company reported. Reuters agency. Business Insider reported last week that phone numbers and other user profile details were available in a public database. Facebook said that “malicious actors” had obtained the data before September 2019 by “scraping” profiles using a vulnerability in the social networking service’s tool to sync contacts. The company said it identified the problem at the time and modified the tool, Reuters said. “As a result of the action we take, we are confident that the specific problem that allowed them to extract this data in 2019 no longer exists,” Facebook said in a blog post. Report: Facebook Under Criminal Investigation for Data Deal Report: Facebook Under Criminal Investigation for Data Deal Susan McGregor and Steven Ballovin of the Columbia University Cybersecurity Committee noted last week that the data exposure of 533 million users Facebook, now back on the table, could be classified as medium risk. “For the individuals in this security breach, this is unusual, because most of the data in this leak is actually phone numbers, rather than email addresses. […] the big challenge with telephones is of course that they are highly personal pieces of information that, depending on the context, are used to verify identity by services, many times, and provide a special form for what I would call “spam calls” .


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