Facebook Says It Will Better Protect The Next Presidential Election In The US

Facebook will do a better job than four years ago to prevent abuses on its platform from manipulating the US presidential elections in November, said public affairs chief Nick Clegg on Monday.
In front of a critical audience during a technology conference in Munich, Clegg, a former British prime minister who was hired by Facebook in 2018, explained that interference from Russia and other actors in the 2016 elections “shocked everyone.”
But since then, the world’s largest social network has taken effective measures to reduce the spread of fake news, Clegg said, since most of the extremist political content is now detected before it is made public.
“We are getting better and better to protect the elections from foreign interference,” Clegg said at the DLD technology conference. “We can do much better than four years ago in the US presidential elections this year.”

Nick Clegg, head of public affairs at Facebook.


A report by US special prosecutor Robert Mueller on the alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections found that Russian agents used Facebook to spread polarizing messages, including fake news, to boost Donald Trump’s victory and damage his rival Hillary Clinton.
Facebook was plunged into a crisis almost two years ago after revelations that British political consultant Cambridge Analytica used data from millions of users to send election announcements in the United States.
At the hearing was Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica employee who became a whistleblower and who, in a question to Clegg, accused Facebook of mistakenly comparing the task of moderating the content of its platform with censorship.



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