Facebook Veto Ads With False Coronavirus Information

Facebook said it will ban ads that contain false information about products related to the new coronavirus.
The social network said Wednesday that it will withdraw advertising that contains a product and hints at a limited offer, with the aim of creating a “sense of urgency” in its mentions about the coronavirus. Ads that guarantee a cure or prevention of the disease will also be removed, the company said.
For example, ads for masks that ensure their products guarantee 100% prevention of the spread of the virus will not be allowed, the company said.
The ban came into effect this week. Facebook had previously removed ads, as well as regular posts, that promoted fake cures like drinking chlorine, spreading conspiracy theories about the virus or discouraging people from receiving medical attention.
The measure came into effect while the World Health Organization reported that the number of new cases outside China on Tuesday exceeded the number of infections within the Asian nation for the first time. The virus that causes COVID-19 is already found in at least 39 countries.




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