Facebook Viral: Born Green Dog In The US And Netizens Are Fascinated | Unusual Curiosities | FB | Viral Face

Updated on 10/19/2019 at 20:33

It is not the first time that happens and probably not the last, but the truth is that a puppy born green is not the most normal in the world. It has happened in Colorado, United States, where a great Dane has given birth to her nine puppies and one of them has been born green. The story is viral on Facebook.

The name that Caddy Williams, his owner, has chosen for him is Verdant (Green) and although his color may surprise, as happened to Caddy upon seeing him, he is in perfect health, just like his mother.


“It was dark, so, finally, I took out the flashlight from my phone, and she was green! It was very impressive when he was born, ”Williams told KRDO. "Fortunately, I had recently read an article about a green dog, so at least I knew what was going on," he added.

The reason why this occurs is in a green or blue pigment found in the placenta of female dogs, called biliverdin. When this is coupled with the dog's amniotic fluid, puppies can be born with hair dyed greenish. However, as the days go by, this tonality ends up disappearing.