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A dog in the United States had no choice but to ring the bell in his house in the middle of the night after accidentally being left out. His act was recorded by a security camera and went viral on social networks like YouTube.


When Robert Fox locked the door of his home located in the city of McDonough, in the state of Georgia, he forgot something important that he would end up remembering after he woke him from his sleep at 2 in the morning.

And without Robert or the rest of his family noticing, the family's pet – a Labrador cross that responds to the name of ‘Chika’s – was not resting inside the building with them.

After several hours, the hairy protagonist of the YouTube viral video was armed with courage and rang the bell at the main door by averaging 2:18 a.m., waking the inhabitants of the house.

A quick inspection of the security cameras in his home revealed that ‘Chika’ had touched the bell not once but twice to be allowed to enter, a trick he apparently learned on his own.


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