Facebook Viral: Parents Tell Their Daughter That She Will Have a Sister And Her Unexpected Reaction Makes The Network Laugh | FB | Face | Unusual United States | Viral Video

Updated on 10/18/2019 at 10:37

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It is usually common that with the arrival of a new child, who will become an older brother feels a lot of emotion upon hearing the news. Therefore, the curious reaction of a girl from the United States struck thousands on Facebook when her parents told her that the family will have a new member.

As you can see in the recording broadcast on the social network and which quickly went viral, the couple decided to meet with their daughter to tell her that the family will receive a new being; However, the little girl chose to ask an unexpected question instead of rejoicing over the news.

"Really?" Said the little girl. "Yes, I have a baby in my belly," his mother replied. “Did you have relationships?” The girl asked later, which generated laughter in the parents.

The scene, recorded on video by the father, was shared on Facebook and generated the same effect among the netizens of the social network.

In some days, the viral clip obtained more than 40 thousand reactions and exceeded two million reproductions.

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