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Facebook Will Raise Sanctions Against Public Figures | Voice Of America

Facebook said on Friday that, following the recommendations of the company’s Supervisory Board, it has made the decision to increase sanctions on public figures “in times of civil unrest and violence.” As explained by the company, in a press release published on its blog, the sanctions may vary depending on the context and analysis, in which they include information, ranging from “comments, reactions, current events, relevant historical factors and similar content published by the user”. Facebook implemented a color chart to determine the type of penalty and the time each one deserves. Facebook Council retains veto to former US President Donald Trump The confirmation of the veto to former US President Donald Trump on Facebook puts under the magnifying glass the actions that could be taken in the future for political leaders or activists. It would be enough for them to publish a message to be able to mobilize the followers. What’s at stake behind the decision? This is what experts told Alonso Castillo, of the Voice of America, in Miami. According to the descriptive, those public figures, such as presidents or opinion leaders, who violate their policies may be prevented from posting messages from one month, if it is in the yellow category, up to two years if it is located in red. In addition, the company assures that, if after having served the suspension of up to two years, the figures reoffend will be punished with “higher sanctions, which include permanent expulsion.” Trump, no account until 2023 The news comes after Facebook was criticized for suspending the Facebook and Instagram accounts of former US President Donald Trump after he praised people involved in acts of violence at the Capitol, January 6. After the shower of criticism, also from the board, of the open nature of the suspension, it issued recommendations, which have served the company to establish the new protocols. “The board instructed us to review the decision and respond in a clear and proportionate manner, and made a series of recommendations on how to improve our policies and processes,” the company said. It is then as a result of these recommendations that “today we announce new application protocols that will be applied” in exceptional cases such as those of the former president. Facebook also reconfirmed the sanction in accordance with the protocols to the accounts, of former President Trump, who will not be able to recover his account until at least 2023. Connect with the Voice of America! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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