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Facebook says it will no longer allow advertisers to target those under the age of 18 based on their interests and activities on other sites. The new policy, which will also apply to Instagram and Facebook Messenger, still allows targeting teens, but only based on age, gender and location. Cut-off ages can vary by country, as Facebook says the new policy will begin in a few weeks. “We already give people ways to tell us that they would prefer not to see ads based on their interests or their activities on other websites and apps, such as through controls within our ad settings,” Facebook said in a statement. announcing the new policy. Facebook: more regulations, fewer exceptions Politicians and other personalities will no longer have the benefit of exceptions in their Facebook posts, if they contain language that incites violence and hatred. Former US president Donald Trump was the first to face the consequences of the new rules. Laura Sepúlveda, correspondent for the WABNEWS, explores the issue. “But we have heard from youth advocates that young people may not be well prepared to make these decisions. We agree with them, so we are taking a more cautious approach to how advertisers can reach young people with ads.” the company added. While the new policy could be a win for advocacy groups that said targeting teens posed potential dangers, Facebook said it was pushing ahead with a plan to create an Instagram for kids. Attorneys general in 40 states have asked Facebook to scrap the idea. Facebook maintains that the idea will offer parents more control over their children’s activity. * Some of the information in this report comes from Reuters. Connect with the WABNEWS! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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