Faced With Collado, Lety Calderón Will Sell His Apartment In Acapulco

The actress said that since her ex-partner is in prison, she takes care of all the expenses of her two children.

Since July 2019 that Juan Collado he is in prison after the Attorney General’s Office accused him of alleged links to organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin, his ex-partner, Leticia Calderón revealed that she has kept her children alone, Luciano and Carlo.


“That’s why I have to work, they have a lot of mom and that’s why I need work. I have always saved, all my life, I have always worked and I am not really a Gastalona woman. I swear, I’ve always saved for my children and look that time has come to take out my savings, ”said the actress.

In addition, the interpreter stressed that in case her ex-partner continues in prison and she needs help, she knows that she can count on nearby people who are willing to help her and who was not used to leading a life of luxury

“I am sure that if things do not go as we wish, there will be people who support me, work and my children have never been accustomed to an exorbitant life of glamor. We love going to the market, to the fonditas, we are not brands, my children are aware when there is and when there is not, ”he said.

However, the fact that the father of his children does not have a date to leave the northern prison already began to be economically affected, because as a result of the fact that she takes care of all the expenses of her two children, since He began to get rid of some goods.

I am selling my apartment in Acapulco, more out of necessity than for pleasure, because we like to go a lot, but it is an expense that I can’t afford right now and yet it can help me pay for children’s schools and have a mattress because We do not know what will happen. We hope that everything is obviously positive news, but as I have always told you I have a plan b, plan c and plan z ”, he shared in an interview with the press.

During the same meeting, he confessed that his children are afraid to go to visit his father today: They are a little afraid, they say that if they go, they want to go with me and it is obvious they feel a security, a support, I always I’ve been with them. Obviously the moment in which they have to face this, they need my support and I will be there, ”he said.