Faitelson Launches a Strong Accusation Against America On The Subject Of Roger Martínez

One of the most controversial sports journalists in Mexican football is undoubtedly David Faitelson, of the ESPN network, who during much of his career has been involved in different controversies due to his directive way of questioning. Now it seems that a new controversy joins Faitelson’s career since he has speculated on the decision of America to leave Roger Martinez out of play, making it clear that the Eagles are committing an injustice against the footballer by orders of the high-ranking Azulcremas; “The matter He’s confused. America claims that Roger Martinez missed a matter of ethics and was never committed to the group, while the player claims that he has always wanted to play with the Eagles. And or I think this is about America I wanted to sell it, the player did not want to go to the MLS of Inter Miami and the operation broke down and with that the club punished him, directly from above. ” David Faitelson said Roger Roger will remain without playing in this tournament after not leaving Club America, so he will only train with America and play in the interests of the team led by Miguel Herrera.