Family goes for a walk and meets almost $ 1 million on a highway

Family Goes For a Walk And Meets Almost $ 1 Million On a Highway

Virginia – A Virginia family who took a car ride after weeks of being locked up for the coronavirus found nearly $ 1 million in two bags thrown along the way.

David and Emily Schantz left their Caroline County home on Saturday with their children and walked by with their bus over what they thought was a garbage bag and then stopped and picked it up, along with another similar bag lying nearby, media reports said. press on Tuesday. The Schantz threw the bags into the back of the truck and continued on their journey, Emily Schantz said.

Only when they returned home did they realize that the bags contained money, he said.


“Inside the bag, there were plastic bags with an inscription that said ‘cash vault,'” Schantz told WTVR.

The family contacted Caroline County Police, who sent their agents to the home. Agents took the inventory and determined that the money totaled nearly $ 1 million.

Maj. Scott Moser of the Caroline police said authorities have determined where the money was going, but are still trying to clarify how it ended up in the middle of a road in Gouchland County. Moser did not specifically say what the money was for, but indicated that he hopes the owners will offer the Schantz a good reward.

“It is the least they deserve for their actions,” Moser said. “They saved someone a ton of money and set a wonderful example for everyone.”