Fans Boo Donald Trump In Nationals Park

As previously announced, US President Donald Trump moved just over three miles from the White House to the Nationals Park to witness the fifth World Series duel between Houston Astros and Washington Nationals. And it didn't work out for him.

Although his arrival at the baseball stadium was stealthy, according to reporter Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News, when the image of the US president appeared on the big screen of the ball park accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump and Republican congressmen Steve Scalise, Matt Gaetz, David Perdue and Lindsey Graham, in the fourth high, the fans booed it with care and others began chanting "lock it up" in unison, after making known the possibility of performing a political judgment or impeachment.

Donald Trump's appearance at the ballpark was the first since he assumed as president of the United States.


The last time a president of the United States made the first ceremonial launch prior to a World Series duel, Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the shipment to the plate in Griffith Park, where Washington Senators won that Autumn Classic game against San Francisco Giants – although They lost the series.

Institutional positioning

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said he told Trump if he wanted to make the first pitch, but the president rejected the offer. Trump, unlike others who have gone through the Oval Office, has not appeared much in the neighborhoods of the District of Columbia where the popular vote gave him 4% preference over his opponent in 2016, according to AP information.

“To make the experience as positive as possible, he opted to appear shortly after the game started so as not to interfere with fans entering the stadium. Being a little honest, we were very grateful for that, ”said Rob Manfred about Trump's decision not to make his stay at the ballpark a distraction in the stands.

The manager of the local ninth Dave Martinez also talked about it. “He will come to the game. He is a fan. Hopefully support the Nationals. I hope you enjoy the game, ”Martinez said without going into details.

"The first releases were decided by us and we felt that there were many other candidates to consider before (than Trump)," Nationals head owner Mark Lerner said in an interview with the Washington Post. And he added that he personally did not invite him to make the first pitch from the center of the diamond, but he did favor that Trump should go to the World Series duel.



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