Fans Defend Johnny Depp Against Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp staged a resounding separation in 2016 after the actress asked for a restraining order against her husband for gender-based violence. Now it seems that the tables have changed since a 2015 recording has come to light in which the young woman acknowledges hitting the actor.Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in early 2016. (Photo: C Flanigan / Getty Images) MoreThe protagonist de ‘Aquaman’ (2018) recorded a conversation with her then husband in which they both talk about their relationship and try to solve their problems. However, the audio reveals a crossing of reproaches following an altercation occurred the night before. “I’m sorry I didn’t slap you but I was hitting you, I wasn’t punching you. Honey, I didn’t punch you, ” the interpreter is heard saying, meanwhile, the protagonist of ‘Eduardo Manostijeras’ (1990) says he can’t stand “more mutual physical abuse.” “Because if we had continued, it would have become fucking bad. And honey, I told you once. I have a fear of death because we look like the scene of a crime right now, ”adds the artist. New case of a false report of violence. And now that? The helplessness of many men is almost total. Amber Heard admits ‘hitting’ ex Johnny Depp in audio confession via @MailOnline– DarkSkeletor (@DarkSkeletor) February 2, 2020 “I cannot promise that I will not use force again. God, shit, sometimes I get so angry that I lose my mind, ”replies Heard. But he continues to insist: “It is not I who throws pots,” he throws in the face of his partner. On the contrary, she does not seem so serious. “That is different. One thing does not take away the other. That is irrelevant.” “JOHNNY DEPP WAS THE MISSED” The Daily Mail newspaper published a 2015 audio of a couple therapy attended by actor Johnny Depp and his wife, also actress Amber Heard, in the audio he accepts that he was beating him, threw him with objects and that bothered him👇

– Mollusk 🎧 (@Moluskein) February 2, 2020 Since Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, the artist became an activist against abuse and even published an article in The Washington Post about her experience and how it affected her professional career. That is why many Twitter users have charged against it and defended the actor, whom they consider the real victim, with the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDeep (Justice for Johnny Depp). This case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will leave great lessons. He lost papers and his reputation was questioned because she accused him of abuse. But it was the other way around, he was abused for years, the abuser was actually Amber. Should we always believe the woman?– María Antonia Pardo (@NanyPardo) February 2, 2020 Read more For women like Amber Heard, the stories of women who are in an abusive relationship, in which they are physically and psychologically aggravated, are questioned. Many women are ruined by women like Amber Heard. The truth has no gender.— Ilanna – Giselle Mac (@ilannarx) February 3, 2020 In addition to attacking Heard, many users have recalled that Disney dismissed Johnny Depp from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga after the accusations, so Internet users believe that the company should apologize to the interpreter. Other fans have gone beyond ensuring that the actress must be fired from the ‘Aquaman’ franchise and a petition has already been initiated on to be set aside. I’m waiting for Amber Heard of Aquaman 2 to be fired, for me he shouldn’t have even done the 1 but hey, dear Amber with the gender violence law is not played, nor used for your own good, that’s disgusting. JessyD (@jessica_docarsi) February 1, 2020 I only say, if Disney did not shake his hand to take JD from Jack Sparrow, that DC does not cost him to throw Amber Heard from Aquaman.#JusticeForJohnnyDepp– María Duque (@mafelovesbooks) February 2, 2020 However, many tweeters have remembered that in the audios it is mentioned that there is use of force by both parties, so they have not wanted to ignore the part of Blame’s fault in what happened. Without exempting Heard from his responsibility, several users have considered that the interpreter is not “a saint”. The marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a clear example of toxic realization. I do not think there is a culprit and a victim in this case, I think the two mistreated each other and sank psychologically until that was no longer sustained.— ✨Mei Mei🪐 (@MeiMeiChoi) February 3, 2020 Is it not that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard both physically and psychologically abused each other, that there are no more guilty than the two? Because now I see a lot of rock defending Depp and I don’t know if it’s justified.— Ozu Nineteen Ninety Five (@OzuAlive) February 3, 2020 I shouldn’t, but I say so and if that silences him: no, I’m not on Johnny Depp’s side and I don’t forgive him. Amber is also a batterer, yes, and I said it at the time. They are both. And therefore neither of them deserve my forgiveness. It is my opinion. You do what you want.— Ne seeks work (@ArtOfNe) February 1, 2020 Justice for Johnny Depp? Tell another joke, dale, they were both violent and it is wrong that she has shielded herself with domestic violence but he is not a saint. I don’t know why I am surprised by a man— ⊗lulu४ Team Loki (@itsrainingloki) February 2, 2020 I still doubt SO much that Johnny Depp is a saint … they beat each other for God— cucumber insomnia (@coexara_) February 3, 2020 No, Johnny Depp is not a saint, I will not defend the things he has done wrong in his life, but in this case, it is a good time to make a new vision of him.— PAY F * CKIN ‘RESPECT TO KYLO REN ✧ (@justmisschief) February 2, 2020 More stories that may interest you: