Farmers Want To Reap Another Scepter For Cuba

Farmers Want To Reap Another Scepter For Cuba

Agricultores will star in the Cuban team’s second return to the Caribbean series after being absent in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions. arrive at More teams than the traditional National series.

Led by Carlos MartĂ­, the Cubans brought a sizeable portion of their local tournament champions team to the Greater Caracas 2023 Caribbean Series, gaining only four reinforcements, three of whom added depth to their pitching staff.

They arrived in Venezuela, commanded by captain, infielder Carlos Benitez, and forces of Jordany AlarcĂłn and Rafael Vinales. Founded in 2022, the Cuban team faces its debut at the Caribbean Fair with a mission to win the historic title.


The Caribbean Series will take place February 2-10 in Venezuela against league champions Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Curacao and Cuba.

Cuba will return to the Caribbean series this year after being absent from the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions.

In 2020, they failed to obtain U.S. visas in time to attend the series in Puerto Rico, due to strained relations with then-U.S. President Donald Trump.

Cuba dominated this version of the tournament from 1949 to 1960, winning it seven times, but never played in the tournament again after the government of former president Fidel Castro banned professional baseball on the island. was.

Cuba returned to the series in 2014, with the 2015 edition in Puerto Rico pitting Cuba’s Vegueros team against Mexico’s Tomateros de Culiacan.

Cuba squad for the 2023 Caribbean Series

Receivers: Rafael Vinales and Yosvani Alarcon. Infielders: Carlos Benitez, Osvaldo Abreu, Guillermo Jose Aviles, Andrés de la Cruz, Jordany Alarcon, Julian Milan, Josvanis Milan. Outfielders: Dennis Peña, Darien Palma, Alex-Kemer Sanchez, Dairie Peña, Yunieski Lardue, Raiko Santos, Dennis Raza. Pitchers: Leandro Martinez, Kelvis Rodriguez, Yoel Mohena, Yuniel Castillo, Carlos Santana, Alberto Cybill, Cesar Garcia, Miguel Paradero, Ángel Sanchez, Andy Vargas, Jonathan Calvo, Alexander Valiente.

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