FAS Claims Its Anniversary And Bends Jocoro; Inde Is Still Undefeated

The date 7 of the Clausura 2020 tournament concluded on Sunday with the triumph of FAS over Jocoro, the tie between Vincentians and coconut trees and the Metapán win at home, over a Lima that slips again as a local.

The Alliance, meanwhile, did not go 0-0 with leader 11 Deportivo, in Ahuachapán.

This is the table of positions after these results.


Without scoring, but with reaction and goals, the FAS beat Jocoro 2-1, a triumph that breaks the string of four defeats in a row.

Just at 11 minutes a blow came to the fascists: Diego Areco was released by the band and sent a center for Luis Paradela, who defined with the head.

The tie for the tigrillos arrived thanks to the head of a defender, Mauricio Cuéllar. The fasista took advantage of a center and raised the ball over a goalkeeper Lopez who was too far out of the small area.

He moved parts of the FAS and gave entry to Raúl Peñaranda, who replaced the Mexican Diego Castellanos and just when he entered, the coffeemaker was about to add 2-1, but Wálter López took a shot from the forward on the line. In the Jocoro, Jamal Jack left injured, after a good game, and Marcelo Posadas entered his relay.

The Tiger finally found the advantage after another goal by Cuéllar, adjusted to Lopez’s left post. It was the double of the defender tigrillo, at 71 minutes. And after the goal, Luis Paradela, a Japanese executioner at the start of the clash, was expelled at 72.

The time in the Oscar Quiteño was no longer reached and thanks to the double of the Cuéllar defense, the FAS imposed on Jocoro, within the framework of the 73rd anniversary of the fascists, who reconcile, for now, with their people.

“We needed this result … I hope that my teammate Xavi (Garcia) recovers but I appreciate the opportunity. It was already difficult for a team like FAS to lose two games in a row, not to say four,” said the scorer of the match, Edwin at the end. Mauricio Cuellar.

FAS: K. Carabantes; W. Canales, M. Cuéllar, E. Moscoso, A. Henríquez; G. Stradella, D. Chavarría, J. Amaya, Noé Reyes; J. Rivera and D. Castellanos.

JOCORO: Wálter López; David Hernández, Jamaal Jack, Ferdis Hernández, Zidane Martínez; Kevin Melara, Francisco Escobar, Dixon Rivas; Diego Areco and Luis Paradela.

The cucheros needed to impose themselves to leave the seventh square and fight liguilla positions. The previous date, despite being administrative visitors, the people from San Sebastián pardoned Jocoro in their stadium, and against Metapán the result was worse, a defeat by the minimum in Ramón Flores.

The goal that defined everything came after a loss of the ball from the Emerson Lalín pot and that served Jomal Williams on a silver plate so that he could define it with a powerful shot before Aguilera’s exit, at 24 minutes.

The intensity of the meeting was increased and Limeño began to believe the possibility of raising the marker, especially with the entry of Harold Alas at the spearhead and the arrival of Guaraní Samuel Giménez as ordered in the middle area.

He continued testing the local team, who did not want to give up points again at home, let alone let the three go, but not even the change of strategy worked to pierce the goal of Motor Contreras, who intervened after a series of dangerous headers, one of they with danger to their goal.

And he continued to impose Contreras experience, which had to extend his arms in a counterattack that ended with a shot by Kevin Oviedo in his hand. And there were no more goals: Metapan took the win to the west.

“It was a complicated game, they are in our same situation, looking for the win. We knew that in Santa Rosa it costs to add but we did a good job, although in the second half they pressured us more, we suffered; now we must think about the FAS,” he said In the end the Iván Suazo steering wheel, of the caleros.

LIMEÑO: 1 Abiel Aguilera; 2 Meyson Ascencio, 3 Mario Machado, 16 Mario Martínez, 6 William Mancía; 8 Edwin Sánchez, 5 Isaac Zelaya, 10 Yubini Salamanca, 20 Emerson Lalín; 9 Hugo Oviedo, 26 Christopher Galeas.

METAPAN: 25 Luis Contreras; 2 Milton Molina, 5 Moisés Mejía, 30 Julio Cerritos; 14 Luis Figueroa, 4 Néstor Renderos, 8 Iván Suazo, 19 Rudy Valencia, 10 Jomal Williams; 11 David Díaz, 7 Marvin Márquez

Inde remains in the squad of leaders ended with a 1-1 draw against Sonsonate, who wants to rediscover his style of play.

The first goal came at 6 minutes for the Sonsonate: Jonathan Ramírez took advantage of an error in the departure of the Vincentians and took off until the mark of Matías Coloca to put a bit early on the clock.

But in the second part the Vincentians found the match: Fredrick Ogangan, on 82 minutes, scored his second goal of the tournament and goalkeeper William Torres conceded the target despite his effort. Minutes before, the camoteros were denied the tie minutes before, when the referee annulled them a goal for an infraction.

There were no more goals in Usulután and the Vincentians shared points with the western oncena. The locals remain undefeated, after seven days.




The leader had a new litmus test, before the current Alliance champion, who also has the mind during the visit of the Tigres during the week. There were no goals, good saves and a dynamic match, but none won the rival and signed a draw.

The Alliance was ahead at 28 minutes, but Oswaldo Blanco was somewhat canceled, after charging a corner kick.

Apart from the goal he did not count, the meeting was dynamic and Eleven also had his proposal against an Alliance that gradually settled and had as its main novelty Marvin Monterroza, who did tandem in the middle with Oscar Rodriguez.

At 69 minutes, the Aztec Marco Granados was close to rising early to the allied defense with a shot that passed just above the arch of Rafa García. And then it was Enrique Contreras, exalbo, who tried with a low and poisonous shot cleared by the Uruguayan-Salvadoran.