FC Juarez: Gabriel Caballero Accuses Arbitration Of Losing To Chivas

After his team lost two goals for one in the last minute against the Chivas, the Braves coach of Juárez Gabriel Caballero, showed his discomfort with the arbitration work of the match, since he considers that during the game on several occasions he caused His soccer players.

Along the same lines, Caballero specified that the expulsion of Darío Lezcano, comes previously from a provocative attitude on the part of the whistle who ended up throwing the Bravos attacker out of the game.

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"I do not mind the expulsions for protesting, but it is derived from, I can not say provocation of the referee, but there are markings that if they bother the player; the foul was not or is missing, is marking fouls that are not and that are angering the players and that that anger is provoked. It is a subject that we will talk internally, we cannot get hooked with the referee, sometimes he looks for you and hooks you and today he took us out, "he explained.

On the other hand, the Juarez coach said that it is very difficult to cope with a match with a man less than seeking to get a positive result.

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"Everything changes with one player less, you have to run more backwards than forwards, although we had options, in the long run the effort ends up taking its toll," he said.