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Federal Authorities Order 60 Million Johnson & Johnson Vaccines To Be Discarded

Federal authorities have ordered the discard of 60 million Johnson & Johnson brand COVID-19 vaccines manufactured in Baltimore, given a possible risk of contamination due to problems at the manufacturing plant where they were produced, The New York Times reported this morning. .

The newspaper adds that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow 10 million doses to be distributed in the United States or outside the territory, but with the exception that they cannot guarantee that the company that operates the plant followed the good manufacturing practices.

In March, 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine were stopped, as well as 70 million from AstraZeneca, after the Emergent BioSolutions company discovered that its workers contaminated part of the production of the first vaccine with an ingredient corresponding to the second.

The New York Times pointed out that weeks ago the FDA was analyzing what to do with the millions of doses after the problems at the plant. Federal authorities, since the problem was discovered, ordered the company to stop production.


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