Federal name prohibits diverting $ 2.5 billion from the Pentagon to the Trump wall

Federal Name Prohibits Diverting $ 2.5 Billion From The Pentagon To The Trump Wall

San Francisco – A U.S. appeals court ruled Friday against the government and prohibited it from diverting $ 2.5 billion originally allocated to the Department of Defense for the construction of the border wall with Mexico promoted by President Donald Trump.

Today’s ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest episode in the multiple judicial fronts that the US Administration is keeping open for the construction of the controversial wall (one of the main campaign promises of Trump in 2016) and the case is It will now transfer to the Supreme Court, which must issue a final decision.

Of the three judges that make up the panel of the Ninth Circuit that took the c ase, two were against the Government and defended the plaintiffs’ thesis, the environmental organization Sierra Club, according to which the Executive does not have the authority to divert funds whose allocation falls exclusively to Congress.


“These funds were allocated for other purposes, and their transfer is equivalent to using Treasury funds without authorization from the statutes, which is a violation of the appropriation clause,” the two magistrates said in the ruling.

The third judge, however, issued a different opinion and considered that the Government can authorize this transfer of funds.

For his part, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Dror Ladin, described the sentence as “victory of the rule of law, the environment, and border communities” and assured that, although “the damage already caused by” cannot be undone Advances in the construction of the wall with these funds will go to the Supreme Court “to definitively end this destructive wall.”

The case dates back to June 2019, when a federal judge in Oakland (California, United States) blocked this budget heading for the construction of the wall for the first time, a decision that the Trump Administration appealed and asked the Supreme Court for protection so that it could continue using that money while the case was decided judicially.

A month later, in July, and in a tight decision by five votes to four, the United States’ highest court granted the Government’s request and gave the temporary approval to use the 2,500 million, but did not enter to assess the legality of the diversion of money.

With the decision of this Friday by the appeals court of the Ninth Circuit -the judicial instance immediately inferior to the Supreme-, therefore, the trajectory of the demand in the inferior circuits is closed and the case will in all probability be transferred back to the Supreme, that this time it will have to rule on the merits of the matter.



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