Federico Viñas Describes The Qualities Of Sebastián Cáceres

The Eagles of America made a very interesting recruitment for this Clausura 2020 tournament, as they were made with the services of the Uruguayan defender Sebastián Cáceres. The young Uruguayan arrives from Liverpool of Uruguay, with very good references that support him.

His countryman, the young Uruguayan striker Federico Viñas, dedicated a few brief words to describe the game of Cáceres. Viñas said that his young countryman has a style quite similar to that of the international Diego Godín.

“I see things from Godín, because he has a way out, he faces the ball and is half akin to Diego Godín, (strongly above)”


– Federico Viñas

In this way we realize that Cáceres is a player with a lot of class and quite interesting, so now everything makes sense of why America decided to insist so much for this player. Hopefully the young Uruguayan corresponds to the great expectations that are had for him.