Felicia Johnson’s Bloody Phone Found In Houston

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(WABNEWS) — The family of a 24-year-old woman who was last seen in Houston on April 15 is asking for help finding her after her bloody cell phone was found near a park in West Houston following her death. disappearance.

According to community activist Quanell X, leader of Houston’s New Black Panther Nation, Felicia Marie Johnson traveled to Houston from California hoping to get a job at Cover Girls Night Club. Johnson reportedly ordered an Uber after leaving the club, but since she was taking too long to get there, a man from the club offered to drive her to her destination, Quanell X said.


“Felicia has not been seen since. There is no cell phone activity, no credit card activity, no social media activity. She has completely disappeared from the face of the earth,” Quanell X told a news conference. held Wednesday in Houston.

Quanell X said his organization has been investigating the disappearance, along with a private investigator hired by the family.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) says Johnson’s disappearance is considered a missing persons case, though it couldn’t say if any wrongdoing is suspected. Police would not comment on the details of Johnson’s disappearance provided by Quanell, but said they have been in contact with Johnson’s family, and anyone with information about his disappearance is asked to contact the missing persons unit. of the HPD.

According to Quanell X, the private investigator hired by the family found Johnson’s cell phone covered in blood on the side of the road at Bear Creek Park in West Houston. He said Johnson’s personal belongings were found in his hotel room, and his group turned what they found over to HPD.

“We believe she is the victim of a crime. We believe she is being held against her will,” said Quanell X. “But we want whoever is holding her to know that we will not rest. We will not stop looking for her. We will keep looking for her. We will keep hunting her. No matter what happens. We’ll keep chasing after you and we won’t forget Felicia.”

“I’m trying to stand my ground and be strong for the family and for you,” Johnson’s father, Kevin Johnson, said, addressing his daughter at the news conference. “And I will not rest a day of my life until I have you back. It is a tragedy that you have been involved in this.”

Quanell X called for Houston police to treat missing black women with the same urgency as missing white women. “Because it seems like when young black women go missing in the city … it’s not a priority,” she said.

The Texas Police Department told WABNEWS that it is taking the case seriously and is conducting a thorough investigation.

Texas EquuSearch, a search and recovery team that provides volunteer horses to search for lost and missing people, has also joined the search for Johnson, Quanell X said. “We have followed several leads, but none of them have come to fruition.” , he added.

WABNEWS attempted to contact the Cover Girls Night Club for comment, to no avail.



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