Felipe VI Calls The Institutions To a "great Effort" Of "understanding And Harmony" To Cope With The Pandemic

King Felipe VI has called for a “collective effort, a great national effort, of understanding and harmony” to overcome the crisis that has caused the pandemic. In addition, he has warned that the situation demands that all institutions act “with the utmost integrity and rectitude, so that the national interest prevails.” He did so in his speech at the Princess of Asturias Awards, which were held this Friday in the Covadonga room of the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo.

In his speech, Felipe VI has remarked that, now that “so many people have faced and continue to face such serious and complex situations” and “many citizens feel great uncertainty and concern about their economic situation”, it is necessary to put all the talent, energy, the “capacity of the State” and a determined will to excel.


Felipe VI has stressed that, during this crisis, “the vast majority of the Spanish people are giving unequivocal evidence of resistance and integrity” and that this attitude cannot be “a sterile effort or fall into oblivion” but rather “demands” everyone institutions be, more than ever, at the service of citizens.

“It requires conducting ourselves with a sense of duty, with the greatest responsibility, and with the utmost integrity and rectitude, so that the national interest prevails and the general interests of the Spaniards are our north and guide,” he said, adding that this is how the Society and institutions “justify themselves and commit themselves to the best future” of the nation. In his speech, Felipe VI had words for all the winners, among whom he highlighted the health workers who “fight the coronavirus”: “Tens of thousands of people, actually, women and men who are paying a high price for their dedication and his courage, “he said of them.

“We cannot forget that the virus is still there and today it is more important than ever to take care of our Health and try to improve it together every day.” With those words, Dr. José Eugenio Guerrero Sanz, director of the ICU at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, spoke on behalf of the health community, which has been awarded the Concordia award.

The doctor stressed that one of the lessons of the pandemic has been that “a good health system offers security in times of uncertainty and provides stability and social peace, essential to face a crisis like the one we have faced and continue to face.”

At the event, the director of the UCI of Gregorio Marañón recalled the first months of the pandemic: “the worst days of this spring we have lived working together and we have overcome them thanks to the union of the different health sectors”, has said.

Guerrero stressed that they did not feel like heroes: “we did our job the best that we knew and could; aware that we shared a common destiny with all of society and that the fight against the virus was not possible to expect miracles, only work was worth it, dedication and effort beyond any limit “.

Finally, he wanted to dedicate the award to the deceased health workers “in their fight against this pandemic”: “Perhaps history does not remember their names, but we will never forget them and today this award is in their memory.”

Another change compared to other years –in addition to the change of scenery– has been the non-attendance of all the winners. In the 2020 edition, only fifteen representatives of the health sector collective (Concordia Prize) have attended, Carlos Sainz (awarded in the Sports category), Andrea Morricone, son of the composer Ennio Morricone (recently deceased and awarded with John Williams with the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts), Cristina Fuentes and María Sheila Cremaschi on behalf of the Hay Festival (which has won the Communication and Humanities Award together with the Guadalajara International Book Fair) and Emmanuel Candés, one of those awarded with the distinction in the category of Scientific and Technical Research.

At the event, the director of the ICU of the Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid, as a representative of the health group, and the pilot Carlos Sainz took the floor. The rest of the winners, who have not attended, are the Canadian poet Anne Carson (Letters); the Global Alliance for Immunization and Vaccination, Gabi, (Cooperation); the economist Dani Rodrik (Social Sciences); and the mathematicians Yves Meyer, Ingrid Daubechies and Terence Tao (Scientific and Technical Research, together with Emmanuel Candés).

The royal family will stay in Asturias until tomorrow, Saturday, when they plan a visit to Somao, in the council of Pravia, to deliver the distinction to the exemplary town of Asturias 2020.



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