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Fernanda Castillo Tells Of The Inexplicable Things That Her Baby Has Done For Her

Fernanda Castillo says that Liam, who is about to be born, has protected her and has been her accomplice throughout the pregnancy

Fernanda Castillo She is days away from becoming a mother and, according to her account, her great accomplice, support and protector throughout this process has been precisely Liam, the unborn baby.

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The actress gave an interview to a well-known fashion magazine to which she spoke of her fears and illusions regarding this new stage in her life.

“I feel like it protects me. During the whole process, I had to work and I had commitments made and the baby helped me. I would tell him: ‘I have photos tomorrow and I need you to hide’ and he kept. It sounds very strange but it was very tender to realize that I felt that he was listening to me, I thought that I had to go to work and suddenly I woke up flat and said this cannot be happening ”, says the actress in the most recent edition of Magazine Not to go


About the connection you feel with Liam, the actress of Monarch Y The Lord of the heavens She insisted: she is sure that the baby protects her.

“I feel the feeling that he protects me, more than I protect him. And that someone so small and who is mine does that surpasses me and excites me to an inexplicable degree. How beautiful is life that teaches you that perhaps in this process you have to allow yourself to be protected more than you protect, “he said. Fernanda Castillo to publication.

As for what he wants for his first child, the partner of the also actor Erik hayser assured that his dream is that Liam grow free, as she did.

“Let nothing that I expect of him limit you. I want him to be free and to feel loved. There are many things from my own upbringing that I want to repeat. They taught me when I was little that I could be everything I wanted and that I was going to achieve it.

“At the age of four I said that I wanted to be an actress and today I dedicate myself to that, and nobody told me you can’t. I want my baby to become whatever he wants, but I also want to be the one who teaches him that he is loved whatever he does and whoever he decides to be, ”he assured the magazine.

Finally, Fernanda Castillo revealed that his worst fear is infecting Liam their fears:

“I dread passing him my fears and things that are not his, in addition to passing him things that I do not like about myself, but I think it is inevitable. Although there is some genetics, whether it is physical there is also something about us that carry it I hope he can be so aware that the first three months he takes the best of me and his dad so that he grows up confident, “said the actress to Not to go.

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