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Fernanda Castillo Turns The Page And Recounts Her Adventures With Breastfeeding

Fernanda Castillo reappears on social networks to share with her followers that breastfeeding has been a difficult process for her

Fernanda Castillo He has just shown once again that he does not allow himself to be overcome by adversity. The actress returned to her social networks, but not to talk about the postpartum complication that led her to the hospital, but about a topic of common interest among new mothers: breastfeeding.

Through a post on Instagram, the actress of Monarch He shared with his followers how he has done on this issue and confessed that “it is difficult, but we can.”

“I had heard so much about breastfeeding difficulties that I was very scared of what my process would be like.

“It is true, it is a huge challenge that each mother must decide how to face. It implies sacrifice, sometimes pain, dealing with frustration, with change, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn to listen to yourself, to listen to what each woman and her baby need to be well, “said Fernanda Castillo in her publication.

The actress revealed that she is learning to flow or let go when things don’t go the way she expected and also to accept and revere her body for what it is capable of. Fer also shared: “But above all, it has given me the gift of connecting with my baby and myself in a very deep way while I feed him.”

Fernanda Castillo revealed that precisely her desire to breastfeed Liam became the force that prompted her to get ahead of the delicate state of health in which it was found in early January. In this regard, he stressed:

Finally, the actress assured all the moms who are going through this process that they are not alone. “It’s difficult but we can! #Breastfeeding”.

What we conclude from this post is that Fernanda Castillo is in much better health, so much so that she can now breastfeed Liam, who was born on December 19, 2020.

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