Fernando Benavides Told Us What Is Behind The Successful Podcast ‘Fausto’

The writer of the production that in 2020 received the award for Best Podcast of the year at the Spotify Awards spoke with Who about all the details behind the success of this disturbing narrative.

Fausto is the name given to the file that contained murder cases in the ministerial agency, and it is the third original Spotify production for Mexico, the first of a criminal investigation and was written by Fernando Benavides, who decided that the voice that would narrate the most disturbing and cruel crimes registered in Mexico City and its surroundings, it would be nothing more and nothing less than the renowned Damián Alcázar.


The fusion of elements such as a heartbreaking story, real testimonies and a great adaptation have achieved that the streaming audience has placed this podcast in a privileged place among the contents that are offered; The success was such that the second season was recently released, also with favorable numbers and the possibility of a third installment.

In this regard, we talked with its creator, the writer and producer Fernando Benavides, who shared the entire story behind the podcast that reached the top of the stream in its two installments.

“Making the first season of Fausto took me about three years, when I introduced it to Javier Piñol, Head of Spotify Studios for Latin America, he was very excited and I immediately had all the support, in fact they gave me an open letter to choose who I would like as a narrator ”, he recalls.

Task that was not easy, because in Fernando’s mind several possibilities arose to carry out the great task of giving an intonation to the heartbreaking story about a multihomicide, however, he recognizes that deep down, he always thought of Damián Alcázar as the person in charge of lend a voice to the case.

Regarding the creative process, Fernando recalls that the first season was recorded in a total of 12 hours, the emotion that was experienced in the studio and how when it was named the best podcast of 2019, he already had a second installment in mind; The same that premiered in November 2020, a year in which something as simple as a podcast was able to lighten the confinement that is experienced in much of the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Clearly we did not know that this was going to happen, humanity was not prepared for everything we have experienced since last year, but without a doubt it is a great joy to know that perhaps the podcast helped people for a moment to clear up and think about other things ”, confesses Fernando.

“Making the second season took me a year and a half, despite the fact that the stories are in an investigation folder, a whole process must be carried out in which the protagonists (agents and police) who lived the events are brought together, in this In the second installment, there are details that I liked more than in the first, the atmosphere that was achieved in certain parts of the narrative is really enveloping, ”he shares.

However, Fernando does not want Fausto to be the limit, he wants the consolidation that the podcast has achieved worldwide to be maintained, since he considers that it has been a work of many years to achieve a respectable place among the audiences.