Fernando Del Solar Reappears After Overcoming Serious Health Problems

The driver turned to his Instagram account to congratulate his friend Monica Noguera on her birthday.

After a while away from the public eye and social networks, Fernando del Solar it’s back. After it became known that the Argentine had successfully recovered from the pneumonia that led him to be hospitalized from the end of December until the beginning of February, the driver reappeared on Instagram for a special reason.


Fernando turned to his profile of the famous social network to share a video that he used as a birthday greeting for Monica Noguera , with whom he maintains a beautiful friendship, after working together in the program Blah blah show.

With a video that accompanied the music of Pretty woman, the driver wrote: “Remembering my sisters, companions, friends and, above all, very happy meets @Monanoguera. Have a great time! ”, Can be seen at the bottom of the clip in which it appears accompanied by Monica and Vielka Valenzuela.

From the Solar He took advantage of his reappearance in social networks to send greetings to all his followers: “Of course, very happy Thursday for all,” he wrote causing the reaction of more than 27 thousand of his fans.

In addition to resuming his activity on Instagram, he also did it on Twitter, where he published a clip of his first interview with Cynthia Rodriguez: “This 2006 video is a gem,” he wrote.

In recent months, only the state of the driver was known through his publirrelacionista, Aaron Olvera, who was in charge of keeping the media informed about their state of health.

“The state of health is stable and with a favorable prognosis, the infectious process is 100% controlled and the opinion of the doctors (s) that is in a process of recovery and incorporation into their daily activities in a gradual way once they have graduated from hospital”.

“Regarding hematological disease, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is stable and receiving the corresponding follow-up as usual,” he said. Aaron, last January in an interview for the morning program Venga la Alegría.

Last month, your ex-wife, Ingrid Coronado He revealed that, after almost a month of hospitalization, Fer and his children had already been able to meet: “They were hard times, they were difficult times because obviously for my children it was a lot of worry, a lot of anguish. Today they are happy, and finally this week they could see it, they had also been sick for almost a month, since December they did not return to school, they returned to school, they already saw their dad. We enter a rest stage and that is great for everyone, ”said the driver.