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Fey And Salvador Zerboni Are Done! This Is The Indiscretion That Revealed An INFIDELITY

It was recently revealed that the pop star of the 90’s, Fey would have started a love relationship with the actor Salvador Zerboni and although neither of the two actors had confirmed it, there were several media and journalists who claimed that this relationship was true.

And it is that Fey would be giving himself a new opportunity in love, after his unfortunate past relationships, but this new romance apparently has already ended, according to ?? Pepillo ?? Origel he could be the cause of the interpreter of ?? Bitter sugar ?? will end with Zerboni.

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According to the journalist, who during his participation in the program ?? Hoy ?? He said that due to his confusion, Fey most likely ended his relationship with the actor.

“You see that Fey was dating Salvador Zerboni, and on Friday I was partying and a friend called me on the phone with him who was in Monterrey, I asked him about Fey and in the noise he happened to me with another friend who I thought was Fey, I even said ‘get married’. ” Pepillo recounted

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However, Fey apparently never traveled to Monterrey with Zerboni as an indiscretion on the part of Juan José Origel would have discovered the actor’s alleged infidelity.

“Then I went to a place where Noemí Gil, Fey’s aunt, was and I told her ‘I just spoke to Fey in Monterrey’ and she answered: ‘It can’t be, she’s at my house.’ I was like that. who I spoke to, I was the one who got confused, because of me, and sent him to the scramble (Fey to Zerboni) “. Pepillo continued counting

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After the statements of Pepillo Origel, the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante confirmed what was reported by the headline of ?? With permission ?? because he assured that Fey was confused.

However, the Imagen Televisión journalist reported that the actor had not been unfaithful to Fey because the young woman with whom Pepillo spoke was only a friend.

It should be noted that recently, Fey was questioned about her relationship with the actor, however, she denied that there was any sentimental link that united her with Zerboni.


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