FIFA And Qatar Receive Unprecedented World Cup Draw

Doha, Qatar (AP) — A World Cup like no other in 92 years of history will be shaped with an unprecedented draw this week.

When FIFA and host Qatar hold a draw on Friday, three of the 32 locations will be vacant due to a delay in the ongoing three-year qualifying process.


This is all due to a pandemic and war in Ukraine that was not seen in the first century.

This means that 37 countries will be involved on Friday, five of which will not be able to travel to Qatar in November, when the first “Winter” World Cup will take place.

The final package of the match will not be known until at least June 14th, when the intercontinental playoff phase is completed in Qatar. It will be 74 days after the draw, the same day as the start of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a country exiled from the playoffs of the invasion of Ukraine.

Perhaps FIFA was lucky seven years before moving the 2022 tournament to November and December to escape the scorching summer heat of Qatar.

This change leaves room for a change in the match schedule after the COVID-19 pandemic outage.

It also brings uncertainty to the stage of the Doha Convention and Exhibition Center. On this stage, the Friday ceremony begins at 7 pm local time (1600 GMT) and lasts for an hour.

One of the balls in the fourth cup of the ranked team represents “Peru or Australia or the United Arab Emirates”. Another would say “Ukraine, Wales, or Scotland”.

This will probably be the milestone of the World Cup, the rarest host.

Look at the draw.


What is certain is that Qatar will be Group A’s top seed, A1 on the 64 game calendar in just 28 days.

This is a privilege for all hosts, even if you are 65th in the ranking, as it happened in Russia. Qatar is currently in 62nd place.

Still, the Asian Cup champion is an exception and has never qualified. Qatar’s debut will take place on Monday, November 21st at Al Bayt Stadium.

Qatar will not face the best teams in the world from 1 to 7 in Brazil, Belgium, France, Argentina, England, Spain and Portugal on the group stage.

They are divided from Group B to Group H into the next seven countries in the first cup.


Top seed goblets are defined by the FIFA rankings. This takes into account recent results and will be updated on Thursday.

The second civorium drawn next contains the next eight teams in the ranking. This includes Germany, probably Mexico and the United States, after the CONCACAF match on Wednesday.

Next, the teams in the 20th to 30th positions in the ranking will be the third Civorium’s turn. Finally, the fourth glass with Canada, which returned to the World Cup 36 years later. Despite leading the CONCACAF qualifying, Canada was in the cup.

The format is complicated by three playoff delays. The keys to Europe were Ukraine, which was not in a position to compete for it because of the war, and two intercontinental playoffs.

FIFA has chosen to put these three in the fourth cup, according to the lower ranks, as in the case of candidates for participation such as Scotland, New Zealand and Emirates.

The higher teams Peru and Wales are assigned below the actual level.


Geographical locations also minimize multiple crossovers. With the exception of some Europeans, teams on the same continent usually do not belong to the same group. Thirteen Europeans will participate in the draw, but not all can be avoided.

There are two Europeans in five groups, and the other three end up with one. 2014 champion Germany may meet current champion France.


Each group of 4 teams has a total of 6 round-robin schedules. The order of play for each team will be determined by another draw within the ceremony.

After the group is drawn, other balls with the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 define the country assignments in the calendar.

This unpredictability allows the highest ranked teams in the group to meet any of the three match days.

2nd stage

The 32 team World Cup is the perfect number for knockout stage brackets. The top two in each group (with different goals as the first criterion) advance to 16 rounds.

The route to follow is defined by a box. If Qatar advances to 1st place in Group A, they will have to face 2nd place in Group B.

Teams advanced in the same group will not be able to meet again until the final.

Good draw or bad draw?

Is there a “good” or “bad” section of the giveaway?

Maybe this crowded tournament is four days shorter than Russia in 2018.

Staying in Group B means that Group G or H will debut on November 21st instead of November 24th. This means an additional 3 days of rest.

Group G winners will need to play seven games in 25 days to become a champion. The team has only two days off before the 16-game round on December 5th.

Why is the schedule so tight? Will this World Cup take place during a break in the Europa League?

Europe’s top leagues, who are hesitant to give up on a favorable weekend match, will continue to play until November 13, just eight days before the opening match of Qatar.


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