Filtering Johnny Depp’s Messages Complicates His Dispute With Amber Heard

The dispute between Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Amber Heard (Aquaman) is reaching levels of virulence rarely seen in a (former) couple as popular as his. After its caustic separation in 2016 – full of accusations of domestic violence, jealousy, alcohol and drugs -, the affair Depp vs. Heard has been incorporating rugged details and scandalous statements to the point of becoming the talk of Hollywood par excellence. And far from concluding, this morbid confrontation has been revived recently despite the ocean that currently separates its two stakeholders … Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in one of their last appearances together, in June 2016. (Image: Rich Fury – AP Photo / Gtres) More And it is that Heard, who previously stated that Depp had beaten her, now says that she feared for her life during the relationship and that he came to suffocate her. The defenders of Depp insist that these accusations are “a fraud” and that it was the 33-year-old Texan who hit him and then “bruised” bruises to pretend that the opposite had happened. Last Wednesday, February 26, the Always striking Depp went to the High Court in London for a preview wearing a three-piece suit, scarf, abundant jewelry and sunglasses. Unfortunately for him, up to 70,000 text messages allegedly from his phone were reported – highlighting one of November 2013 that said “Burn Amber” (according to The Daily Mail). Supposedly, the 56-year-old actor wrote to his professional partner Paul Bettany summoning him to kill Heard: “Let’s drown her before burning her !!! Then I f ***** he burned his body to make sure he is dead. ”The messages were read aloud during Depp’s lawsuit against The Sun, after he published an article in 2018 where he made sure that the actor assaulted his ex-wife. Apparently, the previous lawyers of Depp accidentally shared with those of the British tabloid a file that contained a multitude of text messages – among which confessions could be read as uncomfortable as this one (according to The Guardian): “I’m going to really stop the Alcohol, honey … I spent the night drinking before picking up Amber to fly to LA last Sunday … How ugly, uncle … I have not eaten for days … Powders … Half a bottle of whiskey, a thousand Red Bull with vodka, pills, 2 bottles of Champers on the plane, and what do you get? An angry and aggressive Indian who suffers a faint, screaming obscenities and insulting anyone who approaches … I’m done … I admit that I have my head too young to pour my anger on the person I love … Besides, I’m Too old to be that guy. But the pills are fine !!! ”The Sun has presented these messages as proof that, indeed, Depp slapped and hit Heard several times – particularly during a private flight in May 2014 – something the actor continues to deny Today. For its part, the legal team of Depp argues that the messages indicate the opposite and that there are “overwhelming evidence in the form of video, photography and eyewitnesses” to prove that it was Heard who assaulted Depp, putting out a cigarette in the To make matters worse, remember that Depp denounced Heard in the US last year for defamation, after he published an article in the Washington Post. In the lawsuit – whose value amounted to 45 million euros / 50 million dollars -, the actor accused Heard of having gone to a court to obtain a restraining order wearing false bruises that would have been done with makeup (according to The Guardian “She was the perpetrator and I was the victim,” Depp said in his claim (according to The Daily Mail). “Having mixed prescription amphetamines and other over-the-counter medications with alcohol, Mrs. Heard committed countless acts of domestic violence against me.” Read more In addition, her lawsuit describes an episode in which Heard allegedly would have “shattered the fingers of the index finger of the Mr. Depp’s right hand, almost cutting it off completely ”when he threw a bottle of vodka in Australia – during the same trip in which Heard accuses him of throwing a glass and a table on him, finally throwing his phone against the face of she.Who tells the truth and who lies? Are we really facing a monster / victim situation, or rather it is a story of mutual abuse where dirty rags are used as a weapon in a war to the death? We, for the moment, have nothing clear about the matter. You may be interested: