Find Manuel Carreño As A Designated Hitter

Find Manuel Carreño As a Designated Hitter

“Tomorrow, despite the damage over the years, I dare to resume.” “Anonymous”

Listen to Leo Marini, Lope Barragele, Los Panchos, Tona la Negra, Elenita Santos, Felipe Pirella, Daniel Santos, Carlos Gardel, Felipe Alou, Juan Marichal, Guayubín Olivo in baseball, Blindly chasing Pedro, he enjoyed his youth at the music level. Gonzales and Manuel Mota. There was no network, no influential people, no internet, no cell phone, no Netflix, but we read the laws and principles of life and devoured Vargas Vila, José Ingenieros, John Milton, Plato. rice field. Marshall La Fuente Estefanía.

The main sports venue is Trujillo Stadium, today at Kiskeya-Huanmarichar, on February 5, 1956, when President Hector B. Trujillo Molina’s Decree 1475 was issued, “Trujillo Stadium is a celebration of jokes. Used only for domestic and international baseball.


Today, and other sports venues are dedicated to political, religious and artistic presentations, and tomorrow El Alpha will give a concert at the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium.

At tomorrow’s Alpha Concert, we will survey 100 young women and ask who they are, Marilay Di Paulino, Divina Estrela, and Marisera Peralta.

And to 100 young people, Felix Sanchez and Albert Torres,

And I ask myself: Do you think we are worried that our youth are becoming more and more aware of violence and negative idols? It appears where sports should be played in a healthy environment. Great conquest?

Imagine an athlete’s example as you bring the athlete’s play area to the track to sweat ecstasy and mori.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) said, “People were naturally good, but society corrupted him.”

As an old fisherman, I don’t know if I’ll give the catch more lines or brake the reels. However, most of our youth need to be inoculated with a large amount of Manuel Antonio Carreno’s “Manual of Politeness and Manners”.

And while the athlete raises the Tricolor banner to the sky, Tokisha kisses Madonna in the opposite corner and Mami Jordan celebrates being behind the bar.

And I definitely think that Tokisha deserves El Soberano for this beautiful musical jewel. I made up with the janitor on top of the teacher, but the director doesn’t like me because all the minors are having an orgy in the playground. Where is the school’s contempt, true vaginal fever?

Now the devil takes us to the fire and the fire extinguisher is lost.

A day like today

In 1993, Roberto Mejía made his debut in the Colorado Rockies and Major League Baseball.

In 1996, Cleveland’s Manny Ramirez hit his 23rd home run, extending his consecutive hits to 14 games.

In 1997, pitcher Hector Carrasco was traded from Cincinnati Reds to Kansas City Royals, along with Jonathan Narry’s pitcher Scott Service and infielder Chris Steins.

In 1998, Pedro Martinez released a second shutout in the American League against Cleveland.

In 2004, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees hit 24 home runs, raising the total RBI to 60.

Birthday: 1951-Enrique Cruz, Dominica National Team Infielder … 1972-Wilson Delgado, Infielder … 1978-Miguel Olivo, Catcher … 1994-Ramon Loreano, Outfielder.

Sports reporter. Baseball enthusiast and his experience.



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