Fire Sweeps California Mobile Home Community

A mobile home community was devoured Thursday by the flames, resulting in “several medical emergencies,” after a forest fire spread rapidly in southern California, one of several conflagrations fanned by hot and dry winds in the entity .

The fire originated in the Calimesa area in Riverside County and quickly destroyed about twenty houses, while the air-backed crews tried to control the fire.

The driver of a garbage truck threw away the cargo he was carrying after it was lit. Winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph) spread the flames in the dry grass to the side of the road and then to the Villa Calimesa Mobile Home Community, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of downtown Los Angeles .


Through a statement, the county fire department reported “several medical emergencies” at the site. No more details have been released.

Maryanne Fiske was part of a crowd that was waiting in the parking lot of a restaurant for news about the status of her relatives in Villa Calimesa.

“There was another woman around here who was really disturbed, who could see her mobile home catch on fire,” Fiske told KABC-TV.

Some 160 students took refuge while the smoke developed Mesa View Middle School near the site, before buses arrived to evacuate them to another school outside the fire zone.

Firefighters investigated what caused the truck’s garbage to catch fire.

The conflagration is one of several that have been recorded since the winds worsened.

A short distance west of Calimesa, firefighters contained a fire that caused damage to two residences near Fontana. It is unknown immediately if the power cuts implemented as a preventive measure included the community in which the flames were recorded.

In northern California, a fire in the San Bruno Mountains, south of San Francisco, was controlled by 60%.