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Five Exercises To Train Our Whole Body That Improve a Lot If We Do It With a Weighted Vest

Working with loads is something that we cannot ignore, and that is why at Vitónica we have talked on countless occasions about different methods to achieve it. On this occasion, and continuing with the training in our house, we are going to stop in a way to increase the load. It is the weighted vest, a good tool for training.

It is true that more and more people have decided to train without leaving their homes or doing it outdoors in a park. That is why it is important that we have the tools at our disposal to do it in the best possible way. Wearing a weighted vest is a good alternative to increase the intensity of each exercise.

What is the weighted vest and its benefits

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First of all, let’s stop at what a weighted vest is and what it will do for us.

A weighted vest, as its name suggests, is a vest that is placed on our body in a comfortable way. It is part of our trunk and will fit perfectly to our shape, without being an impediment. The weighted vest is shaped like a conventional vest, but in this case it carries added weight. These are small loads distributed in compartments throughout the vest. There are vests with fixed weight. These are the most common, but if we want to go further, we can find vests with removable weights, where we can increase the load and thus increase the resistance to overcome.

The vest is easy to use, as it adapts perfectly to the body and adds an extra load that will increase the intensity in the exercises

Being a vest, the range of movement that we are going to have will be wide, it will not affect us when making any movement. Therefore, training with a weighted vest is simple and we can perform any type of routine. The vest is adjustable and suitable for any person and level. Therefore, it is a good alternative to continue advancing in our training.

Once you have seen some of the benefits of this tool, what we want is to recommend a simple routine. As we mentioned before, it can be used in any type of exercise at home. We want to highlight some exercises that we can perform with its use. We will see that the way to carry them out will hardly vary from what we already know.

In this case we want to stop at 5 exercises that will help us to train the whole body. There are some exercises that we can do in parallel, that we can find in countless parks and that will help us to work outdoors without taking any risk. So we are going to get down to work to start working our body.

Weighted vest squats

First of all we are going to start with the legs. Squats are a classic that the vest will help us to make them harder and more effective. We will simply put it on with the chosen load and we will position ourselves standing, facing forward, with the legs apart and parallel to the hips. Feet flat on the ground and back straight.

In this position we will start the exercise. To do this, what we will do is descend by bending the knees and flexing the hips. To achieve this, we will throw the butt back, to keep the back straight and concentrate all the tension on the legs. Specifically in the quadriceps and glutes, which will be the muscles that will withstand all the tension of the exercise.

The weighted vest will help us increase the intensity in the squat, since it is an added load to the exercise

It is essential that we perform the exercise in a concentrated and slow way. Trying to influence each muscle as it deserves. In addition, it is essential to acquire a good posture by bringing the butt back and avoid exceeding the line of the toes with the knees. Because if this happens, all the stress will be concentrated on the knee and we can injure ourselves. The arms in this case, will help us to maintain balance. Taking them forward can be of great help.

Push-ups on the floor with a weighted vest

Second, we are going to stop at an exercise for the chest. These are the push-ups on the floor. In this case, the exercise is the same as always, only that the weighted vest will help us to increase its intensity. The placement will be lying face down on the floor supported by the palms of the hands and the balls of the feet.

Starting from this posture, what we must bear in mind is that the body must remain straight throughout the exercise. The hands will be supported on the sides of the chest, parallel to it. We will give birth with the arms flexed and almost with the body glued to the ground. To later raise the body completely through the action of the pectoral muscles, which will contract to raise the weight of the body.

The body must remain straight throughout the exercise and sometimes with the vest it costs more. This increases the resistance, as does the results

When raising our weight, we must take into account that we will add that of the vest, so the intensity of the exercise will be greater. The action of the triceps will be important, since the arms, together with the pectoral muscles, will perform the lever functions. It is important that we control the ascent and descent. If we do not succeed, the ideal will be to reduce the load of the weighted vest.

Pull-up dorsal with weighted vest

Third, we are going to stop at the bib pull-up with a weighted vest. For its execution we will need a bar on which to carry out the movement. As we mentioned before, we can find it in a park, if we don’t have one at home. In this case, what we have to do is hold onto the bar with both hands, with an opening a little wider than the width of our shoulders.

The body will remain straight throughout the exercise, since the only thing we are going to activate are the back muscles. It is important to concentrate on this part, since with the vest we will increase the intensity, and perhaps we can perform less pull-ups. But the impact of this exercise is very strong on the back muscles and shoulders.

The body will remain straight throughout the exercise, and only the back muscles will act, which will be more subjected due to the weighted vest

Starting from this posture, we simply have to bring the body up by flexing the arms, which will serve to raise the entire body. The lifting and lowering movement must be concentrated and controlled at all times. It is true that by wearing a weighted vest, we will surely be able to execute fewer repetitions. Nothing happens, it is good that the ones we carry out we do well and obtain the effect we are looking for.

Shoulder bridge push-ups with weighted vest

As a fourth alternative we are going to stop at another exercise to work the shoulders with the vest. In this case, it is the bridge push-ups with a weighted vest. The execution will be the same as without it. We will place ourselves supported with the palms of the hand on the floor open parallel to the shoulders. The feet will be elevated over a height, which can be a bench or a chair.

We will raise the rear upwards, so that the trunk is positioned vertically and aligned with the arms outstretched. In this position, what we will do is, by flexing the arms, descend and ascend. To achieve this, we will activate the shoulder muscles, which must overcome the weight of the body.

It is important that we take the butt up to load all the tension in the shoulder muscles, which will be increased with the use of the weighted vest

In this exercise, by putting on the weighted vest, what we will achieve is to increase the intensity of the load that we must overcome with the movement. It is highly recommended that we concentrate all the tension on the shoulders, and the movement of ascent and especially, that of descent, is carried out slowly and concentrated to increase the effect of the exercise.

Leg lunges with weighted vest

As a fifth alternative we are going to stop at one more leg exercise. It is known as Strides with a weighted vest. This exercise will serve to strengthen the legs completely, perform aerobic exercise, and improve their performance. To do this, we will stand, looking forward with our legs slightly apart and our feet resting completely on the ground.

In this position, always keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead, what we will do is advance one leg, leaving the other behind, and by bending the knees, what we will do is descend. For the descent we will keep our back straight, and the movement will force us to lean forward a little to be able to execute the movement without taking risks.

You alternate your legs, and doing the exercise correctly is a good way to work your muscles and endurance.

Once we do it with one leg, when we rise, we will jump to change the leg, and carry the one that was behind forward, and vice versa. In this way, what we will do is repeat the movement, only this time with the opposite leg. Coordination and control of the body throughout the exercise is essential so as not to hurt ourselves at any time, and to get the most out of the routine.

It is true that with the vest we cannot perform or it does not make sense to perform bicep or tricep exercises, since the arms are free at all times and the resistance will not be focused on these muscles. Of course, the arms will be activated more in the exercises in which their action is necessary, so in an indirect way we will be working on them.

But if this does not convince you, we can use the vest as a weight. Some have grips that we can grip with one hand and perform exercises such as the bicep curl to work this muscle or the tricep kick to train its antagonist. It is a very rudimentary way of doing it, but it can help us to increase the intensity and use the vest as a dumbbell.

At the end of the day, it is necessary that we do not forget that the vest is only an increase in the load and the intensity of the exercise. The performance of each movement is the same as always. For this reason, we should not change the way we train just by putting on a vest. The vest should not affect our development at all.

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