Five Of The Grandsons Of The King Of Sweden Will No Longer Be Official Royalty Members

The line of succession of Swedish royalty: King Carlos Gustavo with Crown Princess Victoria and his daughter, Estela.

(WAB NEWS) – The King of Sweden reduced the number of members of the royal family who will continue to receive taxpayer funds, by stripping five of their grandchildren of their status as royal highness, according to an official statement.

The children will keep their prince / princess and duke / duchess titles, but they are not expected to perform royal duties, said Fredrik Wersäll, quarterback of the kingdom, in a statement released Monday on the website of the Royal Court of Sweden.


The only two grandsons of King Carlos Gustavo who were not affected by the measure are the children of the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria: Princess Estela and her younger brother, Prince Oscar.

The parents of the five, Prince Carlos Felipe and his wife, Princess Sofia, father and mother of Leonora, Nicolás and Adriana; and Princess Madeleine and her husband, Christopher O'Neill, who are Alejandro and Gabriel's parents, welcomed the change in social media.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Princess Madeleine, the youngest of King Gustav's three children, said the change had been "planned for a long time" and added that this gives her children a "greater opportunity to give shape their own lives as private individuals. ”

His brother, Prince Carlos Felipe, also thanked the news on Instagram and said that this would give his children, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, "freer options in life."

King Carlos Gustavo and his wife, Queen Silvia, have three children: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carlos Felipe and Princess Madeleine.

In 1980, the Swedish monarchy became the first to change its rules of succession so that the firstborn of the monarch is the heir to the throne, regardless of gender.

Theresa Waldrop of CNN contributed to this report.