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“Many Pharmacology investigations have started from ancestral knowledge. This is how multidisciplinary groups of researchers developed products with therapeutic activities to care for and improve people's quality of life. These studies have not only influenced the pharmacy, they have also benefited other areas such as food and cosmetics, to name a few. ” According to the scientific and medical director of LABFARVE and full professor and researcher at the Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, Óscar López.

Among the best known and most used medicinal plants is calendula
"Its scientific name is Calendula officinalis L., it is also known as marigold, marigold of the crucible and flower every month. It is a plant of Mediterranean origin, that is, it comes from Europe and North Africa; however, it has been He has been able to adapt and cultivate, for many years, in Colombia. He has an important recognition for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties. "Explains the botanical advisor of LABFARVE and research professor at the Juan N Corpas University, Biologist Antonio Mejía.

Main properties of Calendula:


It is important to note that this plant, like many others, is indicated in the management of minor diseases, that is, they are not so complicated. However, it could be a complement in the treatment of more complex diseases, accompanying the formulation of chemical synthesis medications, but this requires the knowledge and experience of a health professional.

1. Anti-inflammatory: being a species that can be consumed, this effect can occur at the level of topical and oral use, that is to say internally and externally.

2. Healing: helps to heal wounds on the skin and helps treat diseases such as gastritis and ulcers.

3. Applicable to all ages: for topical use it can be used at all ages, taking care to avoid sun exposure. It is very useful in the care and protection of the baby's skin during diaper use. Its oral use is recommended after five years or at the discretion of the doctor.

4. It is safe to use: although, in general, the use of Calendula is quite safe, it must be taken into account that, like all medicines, in susceptible people it can cause adverse actions. In this case it is recommended to suspend its use and consult a doctor.

5. Easy achievement: Calendula is a plant species of wide distribution. Its great adaptability has allowed it to reproduce and develop very easily and this makes it a species that can be achieved without much difficulty.