Flight Led By Harrison Ford, Almost Ends In Accident

A new incident adds to the actor’s long list, in 2015 he even had to be induced into a coma after crashing his aircraft.

Harrison Ford It is very versatile, and its passion for flight and planes is no secret, he started piloting when he was 50 years old and is also trained to fly helicopters.
It is now investigated by an incident at Hawthorne Airport, while flying a small plane in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.


The actor of 77 years is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration for “cross to an airstrip while another plane was taking off. “

“The purpose of the flight was to maintain the plane. No one was injured and there was never a danger of collision, “said the actor’s representative in a statement. Ford was in command of a two-seat Aviat Husky aircraft.

Apparently Ford did not hear well instructions urging you to remain on hold. Harrison Ford has had pilot’s license for 20 years and has always assured that it is “an important part” of his identity, but it is not the first time that he has such mishaps.

In 1999 crashed his helicopterAlthough he and his instructor were unharmed. In 2015 he had to do a emergency landing on a golf course that caused a broken ankle and pelvis, some ribs, as well as a laceration to the skull.

Years later, in the program Charlie Rose, the actor said that upon arrival at the hospital had to be induced into a coma, or else “would not have survived. “

And in 2017, almost hit with a large cargo plane landing on the wrong runway.