Florida Governor Signs Law Ending Disney Self-Governance

Florida Governor Signs Law Ending Disney Self-Governance

Miami- The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, signed the law on Monday by which the Disney parks in Orlando cease to have self-government, a measure taken after the entertainment giant declared against his controversial policy known as ” Don’t say gay.”

“The corporate kingdom is finally coming to an end,” DeSantis said, punning the “realm of fantasy” and other Disney “kingdoms” during the bill signing at the Lake Buena Vista Fire Center. , in the middle of the special district.

On February 10, the Florida Congress, whose two chambers are dominated by Republicans, approved the law promoted by DeSantis for the state to take over the so-called Reedy Creek Improvement District, which has been operating for more than half a century. autonomous.


“This legislation ends Disney’s self-governing status, makes Disney live under the same laws as everyone else, and ensures that Disney pays its debts and a fair share of taxes,” said a statement from the Florida Governor’s Office.

From now on, the special district is left in the hands of a board of five supervisors chosen by DeSantis himself, who clashed with the entertainment giant over a controversial state law on identity and gender in schools colloquially known as “Don’t Say Gay” (“Don’t say gay”).

Among other things, this law prohibits teachers from talking to younger students about sexual orientation and gender identity and establishes fines for schools that violate.

Under the new law, the district will, for the first time, have to report its budget and finances to the state and will face restrictions on building airports, stadiums and civic centers.

In addition, it will not be allowed to expand without state approval and no public money will be allocated to advertising attractions.

However, the district will retain power over planning, zoning, building and safety codes, and current tax-exempt status for property and bonds.

The so-called “happiest place on Earth” had had the category of special district since 1967, a self-government that allowed it to grow to have half a dozen theme parks, a sports center, a huge shopping center, 25 hotels, its own police and fire brigade and nearly 80,000 employees.

All in an area of ​​11,000 hectares located in the counties of Osceola and Orange, in the center of the state.

Desantis spoke Monday of his “fight” with Disney when signing the law.

“We had a bit of a fight last year over school legislation,” DeSantis said, referring to Disney as “a Californian company” that enjoyed “privileges” that no one else in Florida had.

“If you go down that path as a corporation, those are not the values ​​that we want to promote in the state of Florida,” said De Santis, who was re-elected in 2022 for four more years with a large majority of votes and sounds like a possible presidential candidate in 2024.

DeSantis emphasized that there will be no additional tax burden on taxpayers as a result of this change.

The new Board of Supervisors will be made up of Martin Garcia, Bridget Zeigler, Brian Aungst, Mike Sasso and Ron Peri.



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