Florida Governor Winks At Donald Trump

Miami The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, whose name sounds like a possible presidential candidate in the United States for 2024, signed an electoral law that restricts voting by mail yesterday, in an act that found the attention of fans. of former President Donald Trump.

The SB90 law imposes the need for an identity document to request the ballot by mail, reduces the availability of mailboxes where votes are cast and prohibits the use of private funds to finance electoral expenses, among other measures.

DeSantis signed the law in Palm Beach, a few kilometers from the Mar-a-Lago club where Trump lives, at an event with supporters of the former president and exclusively for the conservative channel Fox. The local press did not have access.


“Mailboxes need to be monitored, you can’t leave those mailboxes out there unsupervised,” DeSantis told Fox & Friends to a cheering audience.

Although there was no suspicion of fraud in Florida during the November presidential election, Governor DeSantis said the law will ensure that “Floridians’ votes are passed with integrity and transparency.”

Voting by mail is the nightmare of former Republican President Donald Trump. It was these ballots that tipped the balance in favor of Joe Biden when he tried for reelection.



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