Florida Hospitals Overwhelmed With Covid Patients 2021

Florida Hospitals Overwhelmed

The saturation of cases has caused hospitals in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana to report shortages of oxygen supply, and in some cases they have already ran out and used reserves and, even, there is a risk of running out of medical gas in a way imminent, according to CNN reports Florida hospitals are overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, the bad news from Florida is that patients as young as the age of 30 are on the rise with the COVID-19 pandemic and dying.

According to the DAILY BEAST on condition of anonymity nurses and doctors at Baptist Hospital have come forward to say that august was the worse month for Covid related deaths so far.


“It’s horrible,” the nurse told The Daily Beast. “I’ve never bagged so many thirtysomething-year-olds, leaving behind young kids, pregnant wives.”

According to the Miami Herald, CNN, Fox News and New York Times Covid related deaths have surged.  It is so bad that a report indicated that at least 894 died on a particular day of August.  The way the Florida government has been reporting deaths could be worse than the data on hand.  Politics have turned this covid pandemic into a health crisis many Doctors believe because Florida governor Ron Desantis has not protected its citizens.  The governor is at the center of criticism from the medical community, especially from Dr. Jonathan Reiner via several news and podcast.

In this video he says:

The viral load in Florida is so high right now.  There are only two places on the planet higher one is Louisiana and the other is Botswana”

This sad reality in health services is part of a much worse picture that can be summarized in the forecasts offered this month of September by Johns Hopkins University, which estimates there will be more than 200,000 new deaths from coronavirus in the United States before September 19, and that more than six million will be infected by the virus in the USA.

Dr. Ahmed Elhaddad, ICU medical director at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida, said he is frustrated and

“tired of seeing people die and suffer because they didn’t get vaccinated.” We are seeing that patients die faster with this variant (Delta),” he said.

And he warned:

This time we are seeing younger patients (30, 40, 50 years old)… They are hungry for oxygen. Unfortunately, this time they are dying faster.

There are more than enough reasons for the US Federal and Florida governments to take care of this crisis by mandating the handling of the pandemic. The US President and Florida governor need to issue and use their energy and money to control COVID-19 using their power to call a state of emergency.  Politicizing the pandemic and building campaigns against affirmative action will not provide a cure to this disease.  We need to come together as human beings first to solve this health crisis.

The delta variant of the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading faster, hitting harder, and getting younger patients even kids sick.  The sad part is that a lot of these deaths could have been prevented if people got more vaccines and used their masks. Florida hospitals are overwhelmed.

Florida Hospitals Overwhelmed With Covid Patients 2021

According to Tampa Bay Times a nurse called Jen working in the Morton Plant Hospital who has to tell patient survivers their loved one died said:

“How did we get here?” asks Jen, who got vaccinated as soon as she could. “What’s wrong with people who still don’t believe?”

Meanwhile, statewide oxygen levels have shortages, and demand for it continues to rise so is crucial for nurses and doctors to conserve it.

According to a Baptist Hospital report for Florida in the month of August, it had 90 patients die from COVID-19, the highest it has seen from any month since the pandemic started last year.  Some nurses speaking under anonymity said 90 percent of patients that are dying from COVID-19 were unvaccinated.

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