Florida launches bilingual app to track COVID-19 in the face of increased cases

Florida Launches Bilingual App To Track COVID-19 In The Face Of Increased Cases

Miami – The Florida government urged its citizens this Friday to fill out a survey on their health, precautions and contact with those infected with COVID-19 through the new application in English and Spanish StrongerThanC19 to direct resources more efficiently to control the pandemic.

The idea is to “track and curb” the spread of COVID-19 in Florida, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) noted.

The information gathered by the app will be used to help inform and improve the state’s response to COVID-19, explained Scott Rivkees, Florida surgeon general.


Rivkees stressed that it is an alternative way to fill out the survey, which is also available on the DOH website, where some 300,000 people have participated since April 3.

The anonymous StrongerThanC19 (Stronger than C19) survey asks about recent travel, symptoms of COVID-19, diseases that may make a person more vulnerable to the new coronavirus, and distancing and confinement precautions taken.

Florida continues to climb in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases (38,828) and deaths (1,600), the vast majority in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in the southeast of the state.

In the last 24 hours there were 61 deaths and 826 new confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the state, according to what the Florida Department of Health reported on Thursday.

The new tool is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

“Florida residents are encouraged to do their part to help Florida flatten the curve,” said DOH.

The app allows users to go back and update their responses as symptoms and information change, providing the government with up-to-date information to help improve the distribution of resources in response to COVID-19, he said.