Florida Lawmakers Approve Mandatory Parental Leave To Abort

Miami – The Florida House of Representatives on Thursday approved a controversial law that requires minors to have parental consent to abort, a measure that depends on the signature of the state governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, to enter in force. After a broad and heated two-day debate at the state capitol in Tallahassee, members of the lower house passed the legislation with 75 votes in favor and 43 against. In this way, Florida became a state more than the 26 that currently request that at least one of the parents or legal guardian grant permission to abort by written authorization. Currently, the legislation establishes that legal guardians are only notified in the event that the minor in their care requests an abortion, but now they will have to approve the procedure except in case of medical emergency. Earlier this month, the Florida Senate had already passed this regulation with 23 votes in favor and 17 against, despite opposition from Democrats who consider it unconstitutional and a violation of the privacy law. After the approval of this afternoon, the state Democrats denounced in a statement that “the Republican bill dismantles abortion rights for young women.” “The Republican bill has been widely criticized as unconstitutional in light of the decision of the 1989 Florida Supreme Court, which defends the right to privacy of young women,” said Terrie Rizzo, president of the Florida Democratic Party. “Critics have pointed out that it will have adverse effects for young women not only in Florida, but potentially throughout the southeast of the country, because Florida is one of the last places in the region where access to abortion is not very restricted,” he added. Rizzo in the statement. “If this bill becomes a law, Republican lawmakers will finally ignore the will of the people,” he said. After the foreseeable signing of DeSantis, the new law must enter into force on July 1.