Florida Registers 33,193 Coronavirus Positive Cases

Florida Registers 33,193 Coronavirus Positive Cases

Miami, Florida – Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Florida rose to 33,193 on Wednesday and deaths to 1,218,653.

According to data from the Florida Department of Health, based solely on the results of laboratory tests, the number of cases for today was 653, a slightly lower number than Tuesday, when more than 700 positives were recorded.

Yes there was a significant drop in the daily number of deaths, since on Tuesday they were 83 and today 47.


The hospitalizations for COVID-19 have reached 5,419 and the number of tests carried out at 375,300, which does not mean that they are the same number of people, since several are usually carried out on the same person if the first person tests positive.

This is important because one of the requirements set by the health authorities for the unconfinement of a state or city is that at least 2% of the population have been tested.

The Florida government does not specify in its information the number of people who have been tested.

For today, Governor Ron DeSantis is scheduled to make an announcement regarding the next steps, although he has already said that the process of reviving economic activity will be slow and gradual, which may indicate that they will be extended, if not all , some of the measures that expire on April 30.

Of the 47 new deaths, fourteen correspond to Miami-Dade, the main focus of the disease in Florida. Said county of the southeast of the state, which has 2.7 million inhabitants, today has 11,927 cases and 338 deaths.

The tests performed to date in Miami-Dade are 83,087 and the percentage of positives is 14.4%, higher than the average of 8.8% in the entire state.

They are followed by Broward with 4,898 cases and 182 deaths and Palm Beach, with 2,911 cases and 178 deaths. In fourth place is Orange, to which the city of Orlando (central Florida) belongs, with 1,371 cases and 33 deaths.

Both in Miami-Dade, except for the cities of Miami and Hialeah, as well as in Broward and Palm Beach, some public spaces such as parks, marinas and golf courses are reopened today, although their use is subject to physical distancing measures by COVID-19 .

The month-long stay-at-home order that went into effect in Florida on April 1 allows you to go shopping in basic necessities, work in essential sectors, and walk and exercise.

Non-essential businesses are closed or open with restrictions, hotels have their doors closed with some exceptions, and restaurants can only prepare packed meals.