Florida Residents Reject Tump’s Management Of Coronavirus

Miami – 53% of Floridians disapprove of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, compared to 45% who approve, according to a poll in which the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Anthony Fauci appears as the most valued figure.

The survey by the Laboratory of Public Opinion Research (PORL) of the University of North Florida, found that Fauci’s management arouses 85% of positive opinions.

79% of Floridians are concerned about the possibility of getting COVID-19, according to the survey conducted by email from March 31 to April 4 of 3,244 people registered to vote in Florida, with a margin of error in the sample of +/- 1.7 percentage points.


Although Trump is his political godfather and because he has resisted taking confinement measures for weeks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is better off than the president. 51% approve of how they have handled the situation and 46% disapprove.

Vice President Mike Pence, in charge of the committee that coordinates coronavirus policy, has 48% approval and 44% disapproval, while Florida Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have 38 and 37% approval and 35 and 39% disapproval, respectively.

Obviously, among Republican voters Trump and DeSantis have high approval rates (85 and 76%), higher than those of disapproval.

PORL Director Michael Binder highlighted the fact that Fauci has a popularity far superior to that of politicians not only in terms of managing the health crisis but in the trust it arouses in people.

92% of respondents trust him and only 8% do not trust, while opinions about the work of the organization he leads are 86% positive and 12% negative.

Confidence in Trump is 55% and mistrust 41%.

“Floridians are clear about who they trust and it is not their political representatives. Health organizations have the attention and authority to make suggestions to officials and politicians have to follow their advice, especially as the elections approach.” Binder notes.

93% of respondents are concerned about COVID-19, and 83% say it is prone to be vaccinated when there is a vaccine.



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