Florida Senator Rick Scott Tests Positive For COVID-19

MIAMI, Florida – Sen. Rick Scott confirmed Friday that he tested positive for the coronavirus and will be held at his home in Naples, southwest Florida.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott tested positive for COVID-19, his dispatch announced Friday, the second federal senator to test positive for the virus this week as cases increase across the country.

The senator announced it early Friday in a statement that he was experiencing very mild symptoms and that he had been secluded at his Naples home since Saturday, after having contact with a person tested positive, although he did not test positive until six days after.


“After several negative tests, I was informed that I had tested positive this morning,” Scott said in a statement. “I feel fine and experience only very mild symptoms. I will work from my home in Naples until it is safe to return to Washington DC. I want to remind everyone to be careful and do what you can to protect yourself and others. ”

Scott’s absence from Washington this week helped sink, at least temporarily, the candidacy of Judy Shelton, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Federal Reserve Board, who faced opposition from Democrats and enough Republicans for her nomination to fail in absentia. Scott. Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, president pro tempore of the Senate and third in succession to the presidency, also tested positive for the virus this week.

In his statement, Scott did not encourage people to stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday, as the CDC recommended Thursday, amid a national surge in the number of cases, but he did urge Floridians to take other steps, like donning the mask, something that many Republican politicians have failed to do at events across the state.

“Use the mask. Maintain social distance. Quarantine yourself if you come in contact with someone infected, as I did, ”Scott wrote. “As we approach Thanksgiving, we know this time will be different. They should pay attention to public health authorities. We are going to defeat this together, but we have to be responsible. I want to thank all health workers for working around the clock caring for patients, and I pray that next Thanksgiving Day COVID-19 will be a thing of the past. ”

On November 13, Scott attended a campaign rally for Senator Kelly Loeffler, where the mask was not worn and social distancing was not maintained. Scott did not put on the mask to speak to the crowd. Scott’s office said the senator’s contact was with an individual who tested positive Friday night after the event with Loeffler and Scott had returned home to Florida.

His office said several tests came back positive, until a PCR test he underwent on Tuesday came back positive on Friday morning.

Scott is now the seventh federal senator to test positive for the coronavirus since March, while three other senators have tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, meaning they likely had the virus at some point. The Republican-controlled Senate has failed to pass an economic relief measure for the coronavirus, passed by the House, controlled by the Democrats, and it is unlikely that any major legislation on the matter will pass before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. The charge.

In Florida, 17,810 people have died of COVID since March 1, while more than 914,000 have tested positive for the virus as of Thursday, according to information from the Florida Department of Health.

“After several negative tests, this morning I found out that I tested positive. I feel fine and have mild symptoms,” Scott said in a press release.

The senator returned to Florida last Friday and contacted a person who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. Scott has been quarantined at his home ever since.

“I will be working from my home in Naples until it is safe for me to return to Washington, D.C. I want to remind everyone to be careful and do the right thing to protect themselves and others,” Scott said.

“Wear a mask. Maintain social distance. Quarantine yourself if you come in contact with someone positive, like I did. Now that we are approaching Thanksgiving, we know this holiday will be different this year. But listen to the public health officials and follow their recommendations, “he added.


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