Florinda Meza Is Ready To Show Her New Profession. She Kept It For Years!

Florinda Meza is recognized in the artistic environment for interpreting the different characters created by “Chespirito” and today is an eminence throughout Latin America.

The interpreter of “Doa Florinda” in “El Chavo del Ocho”, he continues with plans to continue paying homage to the work done by Roberto Gmez Bolaos, through a project he has in mind. He gave more details about that. However, I did announce a piece of news that left everyone silent.

In a facet that nobody knows about the Mexican artist and involves singing. It turns out that she is an excellent pear singer, so she no longer wants to keep her talent hidden.


“This is one of the best gifts they have given me in a long time, because since I was a child I dreamed of stepping on the stage of the Palace of Fine Arts and finally it will be fulfilled. I am very excited,” commented the international star.

For two days, you can see Florinda in the play “The Daughter of the Regiment” on the 13th and 16th of the current month, in the cultural center of Mexico City.

With an expected debut, the acclaimed celebrity reconnecting with her audience, but this time live Ready to see her?