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Focusing On Health Instead Of Disease Is The Future Of Medicine, Experts Say

According to data from Philips, an expert company in the development of health technology, without considering the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, 75% of deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases, which will experience an exponential increase in the next years. Against this background, experts in the health sector call for more attention to health, not disease.

At the Connection Day 2020 meeting, a company dedicated to health, the experts agreed that the digitization initiatives should be focused on people and, or on the aspects that define the level of care, protection measures and confidentiality, as well as data collection in order to personalize future diagnoses and treatments. “The future of medicine, the true revolution in the sector is to focus on health rather than disease,” said Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, CEO of Philips Latin America.

In this sense, Tetteroo-Bueno explained the four fundamental pillars of patient care: improving the patient experience, as good as the experience of healthcare professionals; obtain better results in treatments, And reduce expenses in the sector. In this sense, the four axes converge and feed into each other, because “the only way to reduce costs is to obtain better results for patients.”

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According to the Future Health Index report, produced by Philips, there is an urgent need for training today. Young people in medical training state that they need training to know and know how to use all the technology permanently integrated into the workflow. Also, the CEO indicated, by 2035, almost 13 million well-prepared health professionals will be missing.

On the other hand, the digital transformation could help to overcome the great challenges of today, for example, the lack of primary care in Latin America and the lack of centralization of information on patients and health professionals in large cities. Likewise, the achievement of this transformation must involve the participation of various sectors.

Dr. Carine Junqueira, mentioned the CMIO of Hospital Doña Helena, although the digital transformation is already underway, the main thing is to discuss how this is done and the benefits that its tools will bring to the sector. “It is necessary to identify the real needs of the interested parties and the characteristics that the process requires, so that professionals do not have to adapt to the tool, but rather that the systems adapt to the facilities”, also expressed dr. Vladimir Pizzo, Philips Marketing Director.

Tetteroo-Bueno pointed out, Latin America suffers from underinvestment in preventive medicine In this sense, only 10% is invested in prevention and 90% in diagnosis and treatment. For him, it is essential to focus on health and not only on disease to improve the conditions of the health sector in the region.



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